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Remote content creation: the new normal?

The health and social crisis has pushed content creators to reinvent themselves. New forms of content production that are more fluid, less expensive and make the most of the possibilities of remote work have emerged in recent months. Here are some explanations.

Digitaliser des contenus pédagogiques en vidéo

What makes video the fatal weapon of training?

Today, companies are expected to take social responsibility seriously. Internally and externally, they must communicate their concrete actions. Without BS but with an engaging and mobilizing tone. Their trump card for successful CSR communication? The video!

filmer des actions RSE de l'entreprise sur le terrain

Why do SMBs have everything to gain from communicating on video?

Contrary to popular belief, large companies do not have a monopoly on video! With the right strategy, Small and Medium Enterprises can make video an extremely effective tool to communicate, make themselves known and boost their sales.

multiplier les vidéos de communication RSE

Why and how to integrate video into your CSR communication strategy?

It was a basic trend but the health crisis has accelerated the boom in online training. In an ever-changing world, everyone must be able to train to adapt to the new situation. Preferably on video