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How do I create a project?

To create a new project, press “Create a new video”, or in the project tab.

How do I access the templates and what are they used for?

Templates are offered to you as soon as you create a video in step 1. They save you time thanks to a pre-formatted by offering you a typography adapted to your needs.

How do I import videos, music or images?

In step 2, click on “Choose a media”. You can also classify your videos and others by collections in the ” Media ” tab. You will also find a wide choice of images, videos and soundtracks in our library. Refine your search by defining the amount you want to invest and the theme of the desired media.

I forgot to add a video in step 2 but I’m already exporting. Can I go back when editing my video?

Yes, just press the number of the step you want to go back to at the bottom of the page.

How do I cut a video?

Once you have chosen your video, you can cut it using the “cut media” tool.

Where can I change the typography of my text?

You can change the typography of your text in step 4.

How do I translate my subtitles?

In Step 4 “subtitle”, choose the original language and then the language of translation.

How do I change the rotation of my image?

Once you have chosen your image, you will be offered several degrees of rotation.

How do I use Shutterstock media?

In the media tab by clicking in Shutterstock. Choose the media that suits you best and then download it.

Where can I find all my projects?

You can find them in the “Projects” tab, or on the home page in the “Create” tab.

In what format are the videos uploaded?

Videos are downloaded in Mp4 format.

I need help to finalize my filming and video editing.

Then go to the “Hire a pro” tab, leave us your phone number and/or email address, choose a date when you are available, and we will get back to you!

How do I change the language?

Change the language by clicking on the top right-hand side

How many users can log into my account?

Depending on the subscription chosen, you can be up to four users on the same account.

How do I share my video?

After step 5 “export” you can directly share your video on several networks.