Why and how to integrate video into your CSR communication strategy?

23 December 2020

It was a basic trend but the health crisis has accelerated the boom in online training. In an ever-changing world, everyone must be able to train to adapt to the new situation. Preferably on video!

Learn on video

Tutorials, masterclasses, e-learning modules, conferences, webinars… Impactful formats are multiplying. More and more companies are developing training modules for internal or external audiences. And with good reason. Video is a pedagogical format that allows a message and explanations to be conveyed in an embodied and effective way. A number of didactic and playful elements can easily be introduced, such as animations or text printouts that allow the audience to retain essential information. It will have been understood, video is an excellent way to attract and hold the attention of learners.

Learning everywhere, all the time

In addition, the training video allows employees or the public to be trained wherever and whenever they want. The boom of masterclasses but also of e-learning during confinement has shown the interest in developing this type of content. Despite the physical distance, video promotes human contact, interaction and engagement. Because video and online training is not only about transmitting knowledge, but also about the possibility of debating, asking questions and exchanging face-to-face or with several people, or even providing learners with video feedback on their work. Another advantage is that with video, the audience can learn at their own pace.

Training without breaking the bank

You don’t need to be a video professional or have unlimited resources to produce great training videos. In principle, a simple smartphone coupled with an online editing solution can produce diabolically effective results. With JustEdit.Studio, we help training professionals to produce videos without any specific equipment or experience, remotely. And we offer them a whole arsenal of useful features to capture the attention of their audience and improve the quality of the training they offer: customized templates, automated subtitling and translations, library of royalty-free media… In short, training and learning on video has never been easier.

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